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Greater Truth Temple Worship Center

About Us

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

Greater Truth Temple Worship Center (GTTWC) is...

a church that is dedicated to being a place where through the truth of God's Word, people are empowered to be set free…for real!

Our Mission

Greater Truth Temple is committed to drawing you to the family of God by teaching you how to apply the principles of the Word of God in your everyday life. We believe that as we effectively minister comfort to the hurting, encourage the discouraged, receive and love the rejected, believers will be empowered to be set free spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically as well as economically through the understanding and application of the truth of God’s Word.

Our Assignment

The assignment of the ministry is to create an atmosphere where believers can develop character, build integrity, and define your purpose in the body of Christ. Our desire is to teach the Word of God in a spiritual, but practical way that will enable you to be set free in your mind, body and soul!